We welcome discount Retailers, Eateries, Entertainment and other establishments such as beauty stores, hair salons, churches, daycare facilities.The renovation projects and improvements are progressing and currently attracting more and more new tenants with dynamic and extensive marketing and word of mouth.The Promenade offers new and existing tenants the following:

Accessibility from I-5S and I20 as well as Terry Rd.
Onsite Management Office
Onsite maintenace
Onsite Security 24/7
Future anchers such as grocery store and home improvements

Jackson Square Promenade’s Past, Present and Future

Originally opened in 1968, Jackson Square Promenade was anchored by TG&Y Department Store, Zayre Department Store, Giant Foods of America, a Movie Theater and over 30 in-line stores and eateries. Jackson Square was and still is the largest regional shopping center in Jackson, Mississippi.Jackson Square Promenade is set out for a great future with the new management actively seeking out tenants. Discount retailers, clothing boutiques, beauty shops and an array of other family oriented businesses are going to be serving the local community.The Promenade’s a bright future has started now as you can see by the attention it gets from the media and city authorities. The media coverage of this development is unprecedented.

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