New Life Fountain of Blessings Church

2460 Terry Road, Suite 1000 G-27, Jackson, MS 39204
Tel: (601) 566-2180 or 601-287-1987 Ask for Pastor Mark or Lady Lisa Hooten
Hours: Monday starts at 6:30 PM; Wednesday starts at 6:30 PM; Sunday starts at 9:45 AM


A Church that is called to proclaim good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, To inspire a love for righteous and demonstrate his spirit in us through worship, witnessing and service to the Lord. Luke 4:18. We stand for Biblical truth, not forsaking the ancient landmarks of our fathers but expanding our boundaries to reach the Lord. Our Motto is: There is “New Life” at the  Fountain, come and drink you won’t leave like you came in JESUS NAME.


Project Details

Date: May 8, 2018

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